Saturday, 27 August 2016

Dies, Rudolph Day's and Canine Fashionista

Before I go on to my Allsorts post which thankfully I scheduled some weeks back, I just need to add a few words in the form of an apology and a thank you.

An apology for the faux pas which seem to be a regular occurrence when I try to write a comment on blogs lately. The mind knows what I want to say but with one arm pretty useless too often comments get posted before I get to do corrections. So if you have had a dodgy comment or two from me I hope this goes some way to explain. And the thank you to all of you who still offer kind comments and words of encouragement even though my visits are spasmodic.

Now back to Allsorts where Wendy would like us to showcase our dies using 'more than two'. Our sponsor is Sizzix.

No secret that I like to buck the trend a little...........or perhaps it's just I like to find new ways of using things. Anyhow, this is a canvas I did for Tattered Lace a while back using one of the new (at that time) stencils. I covered the canvas with gesso and then painted with a wine coloured acrylic paint, dried with a heat gun and then added a thin coat of crackle glaze, I've tried so many and always revert back to the Parer Artsy one for both the finished crackles it gives and it's ease of use. Next a layer of a very pale pink acrylic paint and watch the cracks appear like magic.

Once dry I used DI's and a mask made with acetate and a TL harlequin die to add some background interest, then dimensional paste and the TL Keep Calm mask. While it was drying I cut out the flowers and leaves using TL Trio dies and embossing folders along with TL swirls and the Friends word, all of which I painted with the same acrylic paints. Lastly lots of gilding wax and a strip of lace. Six dies in total so I think I have met Wendy's brief OK. |And hopefully by the skin of my teeth I will beat the Playground gates closing, at least being so late I won't be able to create too much havoc.

As always there is so much inspiration from my teamies over at the challenge blog, please do pop over and take a peek.

And I also have one for Mo's current Rudolph Day's challenge, I missed last month as I was away.

Again it's not a new make and one I created back in May for Tattered Lace's Christmas shows on C&C using the 2016 Snow Globe along with the little rows of houses and Santa dies which are also new for this Christmas, some TL Ivy and Poinsettias.

Lastly I thought I would share a few photos of our family friends taken this week................

What all the best dressed labs are wearing this season, or in Holly's case those who have a stitched shoulder due to an injury (still no idea how she did it). A buster collar was not necessary as she can't reach it with her month, but we quickly found out her back leg could, so an old tee shirt seems to be working fine.

Do you remember those tiny ten day old ducks Jemima and Puddleduck back in June here, eleven weeks on and this is what they look like now and they are still far from fully grown.......note the new duck house behind which is located next to the pond............... they quickly grew out of their first house so a new one was necessary but guess what, they spent two nights in there and decided they preferred the big chicken house.

And this is Speckledy, a seven month of Bantam who we rescued from Wood Green Animal Shelter a couple of weeks ago. He has a nice new house as well which he shares in a separate run with two of the hens until he is confident enough to meet the other girls.............but for a bantam he is really rather restrained when it comes to the ladies !!

And finally, a photo I took last evening, our local golf club a couple of fields away always hosts the National hot air balloon competition and for a week we see all the competitors overhead taking part in the daily races. This year there were 20 competitors but I wasn't able to get them all in one shot and it's pretty distant as I only have a bog standard Canon so wasn't able to zoom in, but it's a pretty spectacular sight.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend all.


  1. Ciao Branda, il tuo canvas è meraviglioso con quel crackle e il color rosa antico, e la deliziosa card di Natale è molto originale!!
    la foto del tuo labrador con la maglietta mi ha fatto srridere, lui sembra proprio a suo agio vestito così! :D
    Le piccole papere sono molto cresciute! E la manifestazione con gli hot balloons deve essere stata molto bella!
    Auguri di veloce guarigione per il tuo braccio!

  2. Great photos Brenda and two lovely arty makes. Tracy x

  3. Oh that canvas is absolutely stunning! Just wow! The colours are amazing.
    love the brilliantly designed Christmas card, and your photos are great too! x

  4. Great cards and photos of your furry and feathered family members. Love the outfit Holly is wearing. Hope she heals soon. Thank you, Skipper is doing ok. Hope things improve with you. Hugs Anesha

  5. Your canvas looks amazing, I would have no idea where to start on something like that!Gorgeous colours and flowers. I love Christmas card and the scene you've created with all those dies.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  6. Love your crackled canvas Brenda... Vintage tones and subtle gilding, perfect for discerning crafters... Your lovely dog looks cool in her outfit, I do wonder what she thinks of it!
    Enjoy this long weekend in the sunshine! xx

  7. The crackle finish looks amazing, and I love the colours you have used.

  8. Hy Brenda!!
    You made a great canvas, it woud be nice in any craft room or over a desk :)
    Love your globe card, so elegant ;)
    On to youre animals hihi adorable shirt on Holly, I hope she get better soon!!
    As for the housing for the animals, I belive that someone will find them warm and cosy but allways is nicer to sleep with friends ...
    And hmm you have a shelter for chicks and hens, so strange he is so cute can imagine that someone would leave him :(
    Wish you a great weekend my friend!!
    ♥Hugs Valentina♥

  9. Lovely pics Brenda and gorgeous cards, xxxx

  10. Lovely makes, Brenda. The Christmas card is my favourite and reminds me to try and create a few of my own this weekend. Holly is looking very stylish in her new attire, but she might disagree.
    Have a good weekend!
    Marianne x

  11. Oh B, I adore your canvas! It's so pretty and I'm really glad you explained the steps you took in making it. I now feel inspired to tackle the six blank ones sitting beside me here - after months!

    Wonderful photos as ever, and I do hope your arms improves. Meanwhile, folk understand why you're not commenting much - take care!


    Di xx

  12. wow B, love the photo's and cute lab all dressed up. I can imagine mine being dressed up too, she does love it. Beautiful display of cards today and love the dies used...hope you are having an awesome and peaceful weekend.... {aNNie}

  13. love your cards!
    very nice!
    and love your friends!
    so cute!
    can I come and play with them? hihih
    have a nce day

  14. I love your gorgeous cards Brenda, especially the snowglobe and the wonderful Tattered Lace dies.

    Sue xx

  15. Marvelous blog post, Brenda. So sorry that the MS is not releasing your hands. Your perseverance to keep on finding new techniques that accommodate your abilities is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement, though my ardent wish is that you could escape this dreaded disease entirely. Thanks for sharing your feathered friends, doggy attire (hope the shoulder is so healed), and balloon festival. LOVE THE CANVAS! Your colors and textures are beautiful! And the delightful Christmas card scene is both fun and lovely! Hugs, de

  16. Beautiful work Brenda, the canvas is especially nice.
    Lovely to meet your family friends.

  17. Hi Brenda, as always a fun post with lots to look at. Your Christmas card is absolutely gorgeous. I love what you've done with that wonderful array of dies. It's a really exciting card. Love it. I enjoy seeing your family snaps. The ducks are looking very confident and certainly know what they want hehe choosing their own bedroom. The little bantam cockerel is looking very handsome and can now look forward to a happy life and the photo of Holly is adorable. She doesn't look unhappy in her smart teeshirt. I hope her wound will soon be healed.

    Brenda the canvas is abolutely stunning. I love the weathered background. It's gorgeous. Take Care. Hugs, Barbxx

  18. I love your canvas, beautiful colours and detail and great sentiment. Beautiful Christmas card too, love the shape and design. Donna

  19. Hi Brenda

    I love your canvas, such beautiful colour. Also enjoyed your photographs

    Take care

    June x

  20. gorgeous flower card love it with that gold Brenda and a gorgeous christmas card please put your christmas card in my facebookgroup.

    Fantastic photo's.

    Gr Karin

  21. Gorgeous piccys!! Love your mixed media piece xx

  22. Both your cards looks the colors and crackle on your first one and I think I have never seen a prettier , cuter more gorgeous Santa

  23. Oh And Thank you so much for joining us at the Rudolph day Challenge!
    Rudolph Days Challenge DT
    Dr Sonia

  24. Beautiful cards & pics. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Gorgeous canvas Brenda! No worries about your comments. I'm still praying for you. I know God has a plan, we just can't see it yet. Love the Christmas card too and that cute little outfit your pup is wearing...adorable. Gotta love some fresh eggs too. I have never seen one of those races before. Someday maybe I'll be in one. Lots of healing hugs your way, Robin

  26. Prachtige kaart Brenda.
    Leuk de foto,s van je dieren.
    Ik heb zelf een klein hondje en poezen
    Groetjes Gerrie

  27. Oooo what a gorgeous pair of cards, especially the snow globe.

    I so love seeing the photos of all your animals too and i hope pooch's shoulder gets better soon, Luv Sam x

  28. Your canvas is beautiful Brenda, I love the pink and gold tones together. Super pictures too of your animal family, always lovely to see them.

  29. You never need to apologise Brenda. I know that you are always there. You are the most generous of crafters. Your cards are delightful and I love seeing your photos today. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and take care xx

  30. Hello, Brenda! I really enjoyed looking at your photos! What a sight it must have been to see the hot air balloons! I don't think I've seen one in real life before, or maybe only once a long time ago. Your family friends are sooooo cute! It must be lovely to have all these lovelies around! Your projects are (as always!) gorgeous! Your mixed media canvas is wonderful - one of these days I will learn how to do something like this! I love your Santa card - such a fun shape! No worries about your comments, Brenda, hang in there and hopefully things will improve for you. Sending hugs and prayers...

  31. Two really spectacular creations...I am partial to a snowglobe so that's my favourite though I love the soft pink tones you have used in the first one. Wonderful photos of all your pets!!

  32. Well, goodness, Brenda, when you do post, you do it up right! This was such a fun read and inspirational with your two gorgeous cards! Loved the critter photos, of course!! And how exciting to see an overhead display of hot air balloons like that?!! Best wishes for continued healing! Hugs, Darnell

  33. Don't even get me started on mistakes ... I don't have much time for computer these days and if I am online, I am usually using my tablet. Goodness, writing something on that thing is a nightmare for me. I make so many mistakes that I am sometimes even sorry I hit "ssent". *sigh*
    Your canvas and your card turned out great. The texture on the canvas is awesome and I really like the city scene you created in the snowglobe. Fab work!
    I enjoyed seeing the animal photos too. :)
    Have a great day!
    Hugs! xx

  34. Firstly Brenda I love both cards, great use of dies on the Allsorts card and I love the Christmas scene on the other, Holly looks great in her fancy top and nice to see some Ducks and Chickens I wont mention the cock lol
    Kevin xx

  35. Beautiful canvas, Brenda. Love your Christmas card too. Thanks for sharing the other photos. xx

  36. wow, amazing creations, I love your canvas - thank you for explaining the steps how to make it.
    and your animal friends are so cute.

  37. A very entertaining post Brenda along with some fabulous photo's.
    Love the Allsorts card, fabulous colours and dies.
    Brilliant RD card, great snow globe and fabulous scene.
    Enjoy Sunday and the Bank Holiday.

    Kath x

  38. Fabulous display of cards Brenda and love the photos of your "family" Holly looks very chic in her T shirt! I think it is amazing that you still manage to visit and comment so much when you are not well.


  39. No worries Brenda! Thanks for letting us peek into your world and for sharing these two out of this world creations! Wow, so beautiful!

  40. This is stunning. Love your cards and photos!
    Valerija xx

  41. Beautiful cards Brenda. Your comments are always fine, and something I look forward to reading. Happy Bank Holiday. Judy x

  42. Gorgeous canvas Brenda, love the subtle pastel colours and a beautiful Christmas card. Delightful pictures of all your family friends they all look so happy. I remember seeing balloons like this a few years ago when we were down in Norfolk such a great sight, here we only get to see an odd one every now and then. Hope you have a good Bank Holiday weekend.

    Pat xx

  43. I too tried a lot of craquel-stuf before trying this one and work with it every time that I want crackles; it is so easy and the results always beautiful...
    Love the colours you used on the crackle-card! It feels so warm and "homy"! But the globecard is my favo this time; I know not something I would quickly make, but beautiful combined and so cozy! Seems like the animals all have a good and relaxing home at your place! (fun pics!) Enjoy the weekend!

  44. Very lovely canvas!
    And I like the message too. And need to hear it. :)

    Have a wonderful sunday!

  45. What a fantastic canvas Brenda. Thanks for sharing how it was made.
    Great Rudolph Day card too. Happy Rudolph Day (rather belatedly!).

    Loved seeing the pictures of your ducks and chooks too. Hope Holly feels better soon.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  46. Oh Holly is a beauty--hope she heals quickly! Brilliant idea to use the t-shirt--gotta remember that if Fritz is ever in that situation--hopefully not! Your canvas is amazing--congrats on the shout out at The Playground! Love the Rudolph entry--what a treasure for someone as it's really a decoration, not just a card! This weekend is the hot air balloon festival in our town, but apparently they went the opposite direction. Some years we see a lot going over our house. This year I just saw 2 on the practice day & poor Fritz didn't like them at all--haha!

  47. aw, holly looks very fashionable. such beautiful creations brenda! the snow globe is gorgeous in traditional colours and the layering of such pretty dies! so glad you made it to the rudolph days challenge this month!
    rudolph days challenge DT

  48. The projects are beautiful Brenda and your pet family is absolutely lovely! Fantastic canvas and I must remember the tee shirt tip for if our boy Eddy gets hurt because he's a so and so for picking, biting, chewing himself lol! Although he is a terrier so I may need to find a crop top for him. Rest your body sweetie, we'll be here when you are well and don't you dare visit me - I know you like to but you've got to rest Karen x

  49. Beautiful canvas and great crackling and flowers-inspired idea with the tee shirtand love the ducks and chickens-we have had both but not together-all the hot air balloons look great
    Carol x

  50. My goodness, Brenda! I can see I need more Tattered Lace dies! LOL
    The Christmas card you created with their dies is beautiful. I have not seen these particular dies before and love them all! Great snow globe design too.
    Never worry about your comments to me. I know your health dictates how much you can do and I am always glad to just drop by your blog and view your creations. If I do not leave a comment it is due to health reasons as well. And mine always need proofread as I have post concussion syndrome from that car accident 9 years ago. I used to proof read all my kids essays in when they were still in school. Now I struggle with correct grammar and punctuation as I had to learn to read all over again and never did regain my eye for errors!
    So when you get garbled comments from me, it is from a glass of wine or two...teehee...just my scrambled brain not kicking in.

  51. Me again...forgot to say thanks for taking part in the Aug Rudolph Days Challenge.

  52. Beautiful creations Brenda!! Hope you feel better!!
    Moxie Craftie

  53. This is quite.unique! The colors and style are so lovely. Hope all is well!

  54. What a really beautiful canvas Brenda and such wonderful colours and details. Also love your snow globe card and it has given me an idea for Asher's 1st christmas card.
    Don't worry about the commenting - just concentrate on getting yourself well again. Love the photos xx

  55. Oh so gorgeous cards with lots of inspiration!
    And lovely pics too;-))m

  56. Hi Brenda, I'm sorry to hear that you're still having a tough time with your health but you don't need to apologise for anything. Like I've said before, I don't know of anyone who works harder than you here in Blogland, and who doesn't make the odd mistake here and there, I do for sure! I love your little globe but my favourite one here is your canvas. I really like the layout and colour and I think the crackle glaze looks amazing. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  57. Oh my! Stunning cards. Happy Rudolph Days for sure. I love the snow globe card. Gorgeous detail. Who wouldn;t love to receive that card in the mail. Thanks for joining us at Rudolph Days!

  58. Wonderful images and yes tough times are tough. However good days are good and i had good one today, pray you are too B.
    Lord bless you richly in all things dear friend esp good health. Smiling at your animals they are sooo cute. Shaz.x

  59. Stunning canvas Brenda, love the colour and textures. Love the snow globe and all it's details.
    Sorry to read that you are still having health issues, hope things improve for you.
    Holly looks very stylish in her tee shirt and she looks happy to wear it. Great pics of the ducks.
    Take care, Avril xx

  60. Your cards are just fantastic! Love your design!!! Thank you so much for joining us at August Rudolph days challenge! xx

  61. The t-shirt suits her! Our dog has the collar right now cause we stripped him of his manlyness, us horrible people :)

  62. I do love the snow globes and this one looks fab, great canvas too, those stencils seemed to have escaped me!

  63. Hi Brenda ,
    Marvellous creations, love the die cutting and the snow globe is fabulous.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  64. Two beautifully designed cards Brenda, wonderful details! Your family friends are just too cute! Hope Holly recovers quickly! Fun names for the ducks, I missed the post when they were little, thank you for linking it, such cuties, and they look gorgeous now! Love your hens and rooster too, we used to have some when I was a child, miss those days!


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